Monday, April 16, 2012

Plan Schman... Let's Have Tea!

Ever have those days when it's all planned out
but the day doesn't play out according to what you planned?

We had a day like that.
So... what did we do?

We made the most of it...
and had a tea party!

A variety of tea, conversation,
scones and cream,  and Jane Austen tunes
with two of the most wonderful girls on the planet...
Ahhhh... it was a blessed and lovely day, indeed! 

Have a change of plans??
Have a tea party!

~ Christina


Jerelene said...

I would love to have tea with you! looks like you all had a wonderful and special day...a day to are a special lady Christina...I'm blessed to have you as a friend!

PlainJane said...

How lovely. And my, your little girls sure are growing up, it's hard to believe.

Shalom My Friend.

Christina said...

I would love to have tea with you, too, Jerelene! :) Perhaps one day. Blessings, friend!

Christina said...

Ah, yes, Jane, they are growing up fast. It is bittersweet. :) {{hugs}}, friend!