Friday, April 20, 2012

Learning Moment Memoirs

Lately, we have been trying to get back into the swing of things.
Though we learn various ways in our homeschool,
I have been aiming to 'pick up the pace' 
with more focused seatwork time.

So I am hoping that by beginning to document our studies, again,
(which I tried to do at my previous blog)
that it will help me to hold myself a little more accountable...
so... here I am... documenting. :)

In addition to our nature walk 
that I shared in my previous post,
this week, we continued to count the Omer.
It has been a blessing developing the daily discipline 
of counting together and reading various Scripture passages during this time.
The children have been taking turns cutting and sticking
the omer stickers to the chart we are using 
and it has, overall, been a joyous time together!

We have, also, been enjoying our study through Leviticus
and various worksheets, copywork, activities to accompany...

This week, one of the topics we read about was clean and unclean animals.
I enjoyed seeing the girls illustrations...

In our history studies, we read about the early nomads, their lifestyle,
and how they settled in the Fertile Crescent.
We, also, discussed how they irrigated their crops,
building shadufs - a lever-type simple machine...
so we built one, too.

It was nothing like the ones of ancient times
but we worked with what we had around the house...
a basin (tub - our "river/pond"), a smaller bucket to draw the water,
a broom for the lever, and a chair...

In addition to watering our half-dead plants,
they enjoyed an afternoon of fun, playing in the water. 

Also, this week held Holocaust Remembrance Day.
The children and I discussed the Holocaust
and watched this video together -
- with information and photos from the Holocaust,
listening to the song Ani Ma'amin playing in the background.
The song was a common song sang by those in the death camps.

"Ani ma'amin b'emunah shleimah beviat haMashiach, 
v'af al pi sheyitmameiha, 
im kol zeh achakeh lo b'chol yom sheyavo." 

"I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah, 
and though he may tarry, nevertheless 
I await his coming every day." 

 It was a heart-wrenching video.

In addition to 'getting on the ball' with our homeschool seatwork,
I have been aiming to devote more time to my personal reading.

So I've enjoyed working through my current stack of books...


Tomorrow, we look forward to preparing for Shabbat...
even the preparation day is a blessing!!

~ Christina

"The Torah of Your mouth is better to me
Than thousands of gold and silver pieces.
Psalm 119:72


Lori said...

That video brings tears to my eyes. If you can get your hands on the books Children in the Holocaust and World War II by Laurel Holliday and Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers by Filip Muller they are both eye opening and heart breaking.

Your beautiful children are growing so much!

Dawne said...

Looks like a nice week of studies! I enjoy reading these types of posts around the homeschooling blog community. :)

PlainJane said...

"so... here I am... documenting." hahaha, you are so funny Christina. I always love to see what you and your children are up to in your studies. What a wonderful time to ground your children in the Word. Nice shaduf too. :) Wishing you a blessed shabbath.