Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chag Sameach Pesach!

"Guard the month of Aḇiḇ,
and perform the Passover to יהוה   {YHVH} your Elohim,
for in the month of Aḇiḇ יהוה  {YHVH} your Elohim
brought you out of Mitsrayim by night."
Deuteronomy 16:1

"And the blood shall be a sign for you
on the houses where you are.
And when I see the blood, I shall pass over you,
and let the plague not come on you
to destroy you when I smite the land of Mitsrayim.
And this day shall become to you a remembrance.
And you shall observe it as a festival to יהוה
throughout your generations –
observe it as a festival, an everlasting law."
Exodus 12:13-14

"... and looking at {Yeshua} יהושע walking,
he said, “See the Lamb of Elohim!"
John 1:36

"saying with a loud voice,
“Worthy is the Lamb having been slain
to receive power and riches and wisdom,
and strength and respect and esteem and blessing!”
And every creature which is in the heaven
and on the earth and under the earth
and such as are in the sea,
and all that are in them, I heard saying,
“To Him sitting on the throne, and to the Lamb,
be the blessing and the respect
and the esteem and the might, forever and ever!"
Revelation 5:12-13

"Therefore cleanse out the old leaven,
so that you are a new lump, as you are unleavened.
For also Messiah our Passover was offered for us.
So then let us observe the festival,
not with old leaven,
nor with the leaven of evil and wickedness,
but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth."
1 Corinthians 5:7 

May your Passover/Pesach season be very blessed!
Chag Sameach!

~ Christina

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Resources for Passover

Passover - Pesach - is soon approaching
and we are very excited!

"this day shall become to you a remembrance. 
And you shall observe it as a festival 
to {YHVH}  יהוה throughout your generations – 
observe it as a festival, an everlasting law."
Exodus 12:14 

Here are some of the resources
I have come across that can be useful
as we prepare for teaching and observing
this set-apart day to YHVH.

Coloring fun:

Passover coloring pages

Passover coloring pages (in pdf)

More Passover coloring pages (in pdf)

More Pesach/Passover coloring pages

Activities and crafts:

Passover Activities for Children - matzah cover, placemats, etc...

Ten Plague Masks - a craft idea (or can use paper plates)

Ten Plagues Placard craft: Part 1 and Part 2

Four Questions Book craft - If you desire to use "the 4 questions"

Ten Plagues illustration - Could attempt to draw/paint to depict the plagues

Cardboard Tube Moses - craft idea 

Matzah Holder - make your own 

Passover Bag of Plagues -  fun idea

Matzah Cover Tutorial - make your own matzah cover


Dayenu - traditional, fun Passover song (sang by our eldest and myself)

Passover Song - Yeshua, our Passover Lamb and remembrance of Him

The Pesach Song (We're Leaving) - Beautiful song about leaving Egypt (physically/spiritually)


Passover Story - Beautiful recap of how The Almighty delivered His people (6 minutes)

Messiah in Passover - short video showing what Yeshua fulfilled in the Passover (4 minutes)

The Messiah - Prophecy Fulfilled - Movie showing how Yeshua fulfilled the Passover and how a Jewish man shares it with his family during their Passover observation. Longer but very good. (50 minutes)

Know Your Enemy (Part 12- The Plagues)See how the plagues that YHVH brought upon Egypt targeted specific "gods" that they worshiped, showing His authority as the One True Elohim.
Video is less than 8 minutes. Watch and connect some dots that maybe didn't connect before.Very interesting.

Let My People Go! Passover/Pesach Skit -  A skit we did with friends one year on Pesach :)

In the past, we have not used a haggadah (traditional "telling") for Passover,
but have only had the three items mentioned in Scripture while reading the Scripture pertaining to them.

But if one desires to add some of the traditions and have a haggadah to print and use,
I have found this one to be a pretty good one.

You Shall Tell Your Children - Messianic Passover Haggadah (pdf format)

One last resource to share is the Let My People Go board game.
We have found this to be a delightful game to play as a family!
And the rhymes are very cute and catchy.
The game is a little difficult to find (about $15) but worth the buy if you can find it!

May your Pesach be blessed! As well as your preparation!

~ Christina

p.s. This will be an ongoing list, of sorts. Check back for additions/changes. :)