Thursday, June 28, 2012

Making Known His Wonders

I realized today that it has been almost 8 weeks since I last posted!
A lot has happened in that time...
and though much has slipped my mind, as it often does,
I wanted to just share a few of the wonderful things Abba has done!

To raise a voice of thanksgiving, And to declare all Your wonders.
Tehillim {Psalm} 26:7 

  • Our eldest daughter has returned home from college!
    • It has been such a blessing... SUCH a blessing... to have her home... to have all of our sheep in the fold. And Abba has been doing many things in her life. It is bittersweet to watch sometimes but fills my heart with joy and thanksgiving to see her grow closer to the Father and to be blessed to have her home with us... to be a part of her daily life. ♥

  •  Abba provided the opportunity and the means for me to visit with my parents!
    • At a time when both of my parents were in the hospital, YHVH blessed and provided an airplane ticket for me to fly to my parents' house for a week and a half! It was such a blessing that I cannot describe adequately enough. After much time away, it was a blessing to just be in their presence for a week and half. But Abba did much more than just let me go. The trip was filled with blessings and overwhelming joy! (shared below...)

  • My daddy...
    • After having a heart attack, in which Abba preserved his life, he received a stint and was put on a blood thinner... which, thus in combination with his other blood thinner, led to severe bleeding in his brain. He was taken off the blood thinners (which was very risky due to another health issue) but was left with the consequences of the severe bleeding on his brain... incoherent, loss of memory, speech, and many other functions. The prognosis was very grim, according to the doctors (which is what led to me taking the trip). - - The day after I arrived, my sister and I attended a family meeting at the hospital to discuss Daddy's situation and the options (Mama couldn't go because she had been admitted to another hospital - which I'll share next). The options were very few and none hopeful in themselves... so Daddy would be there indefinitely
    • I can't describe the feeling when they wheeled Daddy in, after not being able to speak to him for almost a month due to his inability to speak or listen without pain. He was greeted with a big hug, needless to say! 
    • After hugs and the family meeting, the first thing I wanted to do was take him outside... he had been cooped up for so long. His eyes were painfully sensitive and the light increased the pain in his head. I put my sunglasses on him and though he couldn't articulate the words, he let out a big sigh and sound of relief. :) We gladly wheeled outside.
    • In Abba's great mercy, He answered prayer... Daddy began speaking, again... remembering, again... regaining motor skills... It was amazing to see... through many joyous tears!
    • Every day, I visited Daddy... going to his therapies with him... wheeling him outside...talking, laughing, reminiscing, hugging, just enjoying being together...enjoying lunch in the cafeteria... singing songs with the guitar.
    • By the time I left for home, Daddy was almost entirely his old self, again! And, praise YHVH, he went home a few days after I left!

  • My mama...
    • Shortly after Daddy went into the hospital, Mama was admitted to a different hospital for some internal bleeding and was there a couple of weeks. 
    • It was a blessing to surprise Mama shortly after my sister picked me up at the airport. The three of us enjoyed hugs, coffee, conversation and laughs.
    • I was able to visit Mama every day - usually visiting Daddy in the mornings and Mama in the afternoons. She was there longer than she had expected but we spent many hours together every afternoon/evening. It was SUCH a blessing to spend so much time with my mama... who is, also, my very dear friend. ♥ 
    • Praise YHVH, her internal bleeding stopped and she was able to come home the day I flew home!

  •  My sister...
    • It was such a joy to see my sister's smiling face when she picked me up at the airport! And such a joy to spend the week with her... and her husband! We enjoyed spending some sister time together... meals, coffee, heart-to-hearts, laughter, singing... and kayaking! 
    • Then ... after already being overwhelmed by Abba's goodness... we got some news.... after 15 years ... and many prayers and tears... my sister and her husband were blessed with the gift of life... a baby! Tears of joy kept (keep) falling! Unspeakable joy! The news itself is so amazing... and that Abba blessed me, too, in allowing me to be there when it was revealed! Baruch HaShem YHVH!

There are so many other things He has done and is doing.
His goodness, compassion, lovingkindness, mercy and favor
are so overwhelming.

I praise You and thank You, Abba!

Blessed be Your esteemed Name, forever and ever!
O יהוה my Elohim, many are the wonders Which You have done, 
and Your purposes toward us; 
There is no one to compare with You; I declare and speak: 
They are too many to be numbered. 
Tehillim {Psalm} 40:5  

~ Christina