Monday, April 30, 2012

Aquarium and Beach Trip

We enjoyed a change of pace last week
and took a trip to the aquarium
and then to the beach with lunch
and a desire to get our toes wet...
though many got more than only their toes wet. ;)

We've been here for two years
and hadn't, yet, made it to the aquarium
so we were glad to do it!

Tooth pics :)


bicycling to produce water flow in the fountain

Learning about fish and sea creatures

clown fish

pot-bellied seahorse hanging upside down

watching the seahorses

we don't remember what they are- lol 


a diver feeding the fish in the aquarium

watching the fish

sea worms (mom's name for them)

Reading about whales and listening to their calls

watching and petting - sea cucumbers and sea urchins

looking out at the ocean

Wetting their feet and more in the Pacific :)

Come, let us sing to {YHVH} יהוה! 
Let us raise a shout to the Rock of our deliverance.
Let us come before His face with thanksgiving; 
Let us raise a shout to Him in song.
For {YHVH}  יהוה is a great Ěl, 
And a great Sovereign above all mighty ones.
In whose hand are the depths of the earth; 
The mountain peaks are His also.
His is the sea, for He made it; 
And His hands formed the dry land.
Psalm 95:1-5

~ Christina


Alexandra Cook said...

o how beautiful! thank you so much for posting this! makes me miss home more. :-( can't wait to enjoy a summer with you all at home... getting back to "beachschooling" methods and enjoyin that gorgeous coast! love u!

Christina said...

Can't wait to see you, honey! ♥ Love you!