Monday, January 2, 2012

Reading Through the Scriptures

As a believer, I always knew it was important to read the Bible...
and I did try to commit myself to reading... though, as a "new testament christian",
the majority of my time was focused on reading the "new testament".
I am thankful for the many years I spent reading the "new testament" over and over, again.
I understand that YHVH had a plan then... just as He does now.

About a year or so before coming to a better understanding of Torah,
we began reading through the "Old Testament" for our homeschool history.
I knew many of the "Old Testament" stories, had read some of them,
heard them and various passages preached from the pulpit,
read articles and books sharing snippets and lessons from it,
and even saw my fair share of watered down animated and non-animated movies
depicting the beloved Bible heroes and stories.
But it was an amazing experience to read it all the way through, word for word, myself.
(that could be a blog post in itself!)

With understanding, now, that Torah directly applies to me,
it only makes sense that I really, REALLY need to know it better.
And with all our Father has done, Who He is, how He loves,
and how He has shared His heart with mankind,
my very being is compelled to read His precious words more and more.

Last year was my first year to read through a Torah portion schedule, which I loved.
And though it did go through all of the Torah {specifically the first 5 books}
and selections from the Prophets/Writings and the "New Testament",
it did not go through ALL of the Scriptures.

Recently, a facebook friend shared a Scripture reading schedule
for reading through the whole of Scripture in a year.
In addition, it includes reading through the Torah and the Gospels twice.

I've printed it out and look forward to using it in my personal reading time,
in addition to our Torah portion schedule for our homeschool,
and share the link with you here, just in case.

Read Through the Scriptures in a Year schedule

Blessings as you feast from His Word!

"...I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my daily portion."
~ Job 23:12


rolicreps said...

I'm printed the very same schedule! Maybe we can read it together :o)

A Will for YHVH said...

Neat! Can't wait to use it!
Love you mom!