Monday, January 9, 2012

The Aaronic Blessing - Pictorial Meaning

The Aaronic/priestly blessing, found in Numbers 6:24-26, is fairly well-known.
Lesser known, however, is the deeper meaning found
in the pictorial language of the ancient Hebrew.
Do we "have" to know and search for "the deeper meaning"?
No. ... But... what additional, beautiful pieces of the picture we are able to see!

This past Shabbat, we enjoyed the pleasure of learning more
about the various pictures and meanings found in this blessing
through the ancient, pictorial Hebrew.
It was fascinating.

I am, surely, not a Hebrew scholar (in fact, I barely know the alef-bet, so far)
but I am excited to share what I did learn during our meeting.
In my excitement, I attempted to create flashcards, of sorts,
to help "paint the picture".
I know there are variations in the Hebrew language
so please forgive where there are mistakes.
But I hope that the general idea and the beautiful pictures still come through.

I hope that you will find it interesting and fascinating, as I did!


Aaronic blessing in Hebrew

The flashcards below present information in the following order:
Hebrew word(s)
English word
Ancient pictorial Hebrew language symbols
Name of the above symbols
Meaning found in the above symbols
Pictorial meaning of the word


May YHVH bless you...

and keep you...

YHVH make His face...


to you (upon you)...

and be gracious to you...

YHVH lift up...

His countenance...

to you...

and give you...


All together...
The Aaronic blessing, in pictorial meaning...

YHWH, the head of the house with His own work 
strengthens His own hand-
by His work He binds and overpowers the destroyer 
using the authority in His hand-
YHWH, the Chief Ruler, He secures life and order, 
His teaching strengthens,
His work secures the hedge of strengthening life-
YHWH's strong pressing hand lifts up, His work adds living utterance,
He strengthens authority, His hand destroys chaos,
His authority covers destroying the authority attached to chaos.

~ Christina


A Will for YHVH said...

Love it! I didn't know about that until we went to it. Love you mom!

Christina said...

It sure was a joy to learn!
Love you, son! ♥