Friday, May 4, 2012

Learning Moment Memoirs

This week, as we learned at home...

 I was blessed to find our youngest,
who does not, yet, completely delight in reading -
and is still learning to do so -
sitting outside alone feeding from Yah's Word...

... something that delights a mama's heart beyond words.

In our learning of history this week,
we discussed early forms of writing,
like hieroglyphics and cuneiform.
The girls enjoyed attempting to write 
on their clay (a.k.a. silly putty) tablets...

"My name is Carolynne. I drank a smoothie today."
History in the making. ;)

We, also, discussed the process of mummifying,
looked at photos of a real mummy and the canopic jars
that I had taken from my trip to Michigan
when I went to the art museum.
We, also, had a volunteer for a mummy wrap... 
well, sort of...
He was voluntold...
but didn't object...

A teddy bear and an ace bandage...
not such a bad mummy.

We discussed the pyramids, as well,
and the girls produced some lovely illustrations...

Lest we look back and think otherwise,
we did do more than history lessons...

Math drills in skip counting online

Reading about the sun, moon, and Earth's rotation

Learning about earthquakes

We, also, enjoyed a video about Bach this week
and some of his compositions...
As well as miscellaneous seatwork,
daily counting of the Omer, Scripture readings, 
character discussions, daily life problem solving,
errand running, home keeping, and more.

I love being at home.
Thank You, Abba, for helping me this week.
Blessed be Your Name!

~ Christina


Sandra Keller said...

I love this post, Christina. So inspired. I would love to know more about how you decide on what to teach and when. Left you a note on your FB page. Shabbat shalom!

jem said...

Your little girls are dressed so nice, love your blog too!

Kare said...

Hi Christina,

I just took some time to read through many of your blog posts and it was such a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your heart. :). I began following this path just a few months before you and it has been such a joy!


PlainJane said...

Hi Christina. I always love your posts of the children doing school. They are just growing up way too fast.

Shabbat Shalom My Friend!